About me

I am a high school drop out, or if I am really honest I was politely asked to leave.

After several years and many important life lessons; I eventually went back to college to study PR and launched my boutique consultancy while I was still studying. 

Over the next 15 years, I would go on to represent a host of remarkable individuals and brands; including a world-leading Supermodel, New York Times bestselling authors and pioneers in the world of wellness.

I played my part in the launch of the worldwide phenomenon ‘The Secret’, hosted an exclusive event on ‘The World’, convinced Richard Wilkins to put his bare foot up to camera on breakfast TV, tied Miranda Kerr naked to a tree to raise awareness for koalas and put a marriage equality ring on Deepak Chopra, among many other incredible experiences.

It was not until I was on extended maternity leave that I looked back and realised I had never taken the time, or made the effort, to build my own personal brand. I was petrified about the idea of putting myself out there. 

It took a major loss for me to realise life is too short to play small! Today, I  am dedicated to using my professional expertise and personal experience to inspire every day individuals, executives and entrepreneurs to put themselves out there and allow themselves to be seen, heard and celebrated for who they choose to be.

“Carlii puts her heart and soul into everything she does and I feel blessed to have worked with her for as long as I did.”

Miranda Kerr

Here is a snapshot of some of my work to date

“With wisdom beyond her age, a generous spirit, and a tenacious drive, my years working with Carlii were inspiring, creative and productive.”

Dr John Demartini – International bestselling author of The Values Factor

And here is a little more…