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I help leaders and team members understand the power of personal branding and their ability to make an impact by putting themselves out there. To date, I have had the opportunity to speak to the teams of some of the world’s most loved and trusted brands.


Whether it is in a keynote, masterclass or full day workshop format, my aim is to teach participants how to effectively manage their personal brand and in doing so discover a greater sense of purpose and become more intentional about how they show up at work and in life.  


All presentations are followed up with digital workbook material to ensure every participant walks away with actionable learnings and a framework to apply their ideas. Further one on one executive personal brand consultations are also available.

Some of my clients include

“I genuinely felt this is one of the best workshops I have attended.”

Sharleen Phengsavath, Senior HR, REVLON

In collaboration with you, I tailor speaking topics and seminars to your brief. Some of my more popular topics and seminars are outlined below

Mastering The Art of Putting Yourself Out There

How to connect with the brand in you and have the courage to let the world see the unique individual you are 

  • Discover how to use your future self to elevate your personal brand in the present and display it virtually and face to face
  • Explore practical ways to build confidence and override imposter syndrome i.e. thinking ‘I’m not good enough’ – using strategies from world-leading experts
  • Learn simple strategies to nurture connection and enhance your charisma online and face to face with customers, colleagues, and network contacts instantly

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Show up, Stand Out and Rise 

Take conscious control of how you show up and understand the career benefits of actively shaping your reputation. 

  • Introduction to personal branding 
  • Discover the importance of your future self and long-term decision making 
  • Walk away with actionable tips to overcome the universal fears and insecurities that stand in the way harnessing the power of your personal brand and thought leadership 
  • Explore the 4 P’s of personal branding – Promise, Position, Packaging and Promotion- with practical tips to take control of each one 

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Be the Brand in You 

Empowering emerging leaders to be seen, heard, and celebrated.

  • Proven methodologies to help you articulate your personal and professional values 
  • Practical tips to enhance your confidence and your ability to communicate your story and thought leadership 
  • Four fundamental steps to become the B.O.S.S. of your personal brand
  •  A simple framework to help you become intentional about how you show up, directional in how you build influence, and purposeful in the reputation you create in each encounter

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Empower your team to show up as their best

“Carlii had managed to really dig deep into the inner thoughts and worries that prevent us from reaching our full potential. Her energy, genuine care and presence was memorable and we hope to have the chance to hear her speak again soon.”

Sue Mehana, HR Business Partner NIVEA

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